Being that this is a holy feast of God, we believe that it is in the best interest of all families to have a few “ground rules” in place so all people can have an enjoyable and pleasant experience with their family and community in Yahweh.

We want to do our very best with the Father’s help to create a beautiful atmosphere of love, joy and peace as we dwell together in unity [Psalms 133:1] during Sukkot. In order to achieve that goal there must be order in the camp. Please read the following guidelines and abide by them during your stay with us at Yahisone Family Sukkot.

General Guidelines:

These are the basic rules for the purpose of keeping order in the camp during the feast of Sukkot. We understand that there are diverse perspectives on what the baseline of behavior should be. To some, these rules may seem too stringent, but to others they may seem as not enough. It is our prayer that these rules offer a just and righteous balance.

We believe that everyone coming into the camp must first follow the guidelines of Acts 15:29:

  • You must abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication

While this is the minimum framework for unity amongst believers, we require that you adhere to just a few additional rules during the time you are with us at Sukkot. Doing so aids Sukkot leadership in maintaining order and safety. Yahisone Sukkot is a family friendly environment, and we wish to encourage families to connect with the Creator, their families, and the community through the policies we create.

  1. Show respect to everyone. We understand that differences will arise in thought, interpretation, or ideas, but in love we will show the light of Yahweh regardless of our opposing viewpoints. In the camp, tolerance will be shown to diverse and even opposing ideas and interpretations. Yahweh has shown compassion on us, so we must show compassion toward others. Patience and courtesy will be expressed in all differences. If a personal vendetta is being brought to Yahisone Sukkot with the expressed interest in swaying persons to your belief or to cause discord amongst the brethren [Proverbs 6:16-19] , it would be best to find another Sukkot to attend. If already in attendance, you may be asked to leave by Sukkot leadership.
  2. Keep your campsite neat and orderly. Please keep your campsite within reasonable order. Excessive waste or trash, damage to property, or abuse of camp property will not be tolerated. Keep fires contained. Yahweh is an Elohim of decency and order. Therefore, let the atmosphere we create be in alignment with his presence.
  3. Drive cautiously through the camp. There are many children playing within the camp. Safety is a priority with Yahisone Family Sukkot.
  4. Please guard your older children by understanding or limiting unsupervised co-ed interaction. As our children mature and enter into young adulthood, the leadership believes it is in the best interest of the camp to protect and guide our young adults through this difficult time in their lives. Please be mindful of the variety of convictions that exist in the camp regarding co-ed interaction, and remember to respect the authority structure that exists within family units. Be mindful of your surroundings to avoid isolated co-ed interaction, especially after dark. Group activities are encouraged, but please be mindful to keep the intensity of co-ed sporting situations limited as to prevent undesirable accidents. With respect to relationships, we should hold a high standard for holiness. While chivalry is strongly encouraged, awareness of your social surroundings will help families maintain the co-ed policies they see as fitting for their children. It is highly recommended that young parties interested in relationships first engage in inter-family discussions. As Sukkot draws near, please inform your children of the diverse nature of the Sukkot environment as it relates to co-ed interaction. While Yahisone Family Sukkot leaves co-ed parenting decisions to the individual parents themselves, it is recommended that the default co-ed behavior lean restrictively. If an incident of serious nature occurs during the Sukkot event, contact Sukkot Leadership immediately. As leaders, we work to provide a safe and fun family environment that everyone can enjoy.
  5. Abide by the Sukkot dress code. (Below)

Dress Code

Sukkot is one of Yahweh’s appointed times. Everyone at the Yahisone Family Sukkot has looked forward to this time of the year with great anticipation. As we come together, we seek to honor the Holy One of Israel in all that we say and do. We seek to walk together as a close community of believers in Messiah – enjoying and serving one another. It is our conduct as well as our attire that affects our witness to one another and to the world. At Sukkot, it is our expectation that all of us who gather together will dress and act modestly.

Dress codes can be a controversial and disputed topic. Many of the individuals coming to Sukkot have their own creative and expressive ways to dress. That being said, it is our responsibility to ensure that the atmosphere created at Sukkot is conducive to spiritual purity, holiness, and growth. Please take a moment to ensure that you understand the atmosphere that you are entering by adhering to five simple rules:

  • No inappropriate slogans, pictures, advertisements or celebrities on your clothes. “Inappropriate” shall be defined as anything obscene, bloody, demonic, death-oriented, sexual in nature, or anything not appropriate for the young audience that will be present during the feast.
  • Nothing that is skin-tight, low, or sheer.
  • No exposed bellies, backs, or upper thighs.
  • No tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, crop tops, or exposed bra straps. For men, going without a shirt shall be considered inappropriate for the feast.
  • No facial or tongue piercings.

In short, wear clothing that brings glory to God and not attention to your physical characteristics. Remember that you are a witness of the faith to everyone around you. Let the way you dress be reflective of the God we serve. Wherever you are, let the light of God shine. Thank you for your understanding in this delicate matter.

Recommended Guidelines

  • Pray for the elders & Sukkot leadership
  • Get plenty of rest before Sukkot. It will be a fun and festive week if you are well rested.
  • Attend the gatherings and meet new people!
  • Invite people to your campsite for meals and fellowship.
  • Be intentional about spending time with your family.
  • Practice the fruits of the spirit (Gal 5). Build up! Don’t tear down.
  • Practice the “Buddy System” for young children.


Please review these rules together as a family. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this time set apart for the whole camp. Thank you for your careful attention to these matters. May Yahweh bless you, and may he dwell among us during this Sukkot!